Interview with NSBC

Our Practitioner Mr. Imraan Razak has been selected by the NSBC to be featured in the online magazine as a success story. Here is a transcript of the interview…

Give a short introduction about your business and yourself.

ZAccountants & Business Advisors is a specialised Accounting, Payroll, Tax and Advisory practice. We aim to be a preferred service provider to the SME sector. We are not just Accountants in the traditional sense but are Business Advisors and Partners as well. We take care of the compliance related matters (SARS, CIPC, Financial Statements, Tax etc.) and provide great value by assisting our clients to improve growth and profitability. We utilise the latest cloud accounting software and have excellent packages at affordable prices tailor made for SME’s.

When did you consider yourself a success?

After approximately 18 years working as an Accountant in the corporate sector, I finally realised my dreams of opening my own Accounting Practice and thus being successful in my own right. Corporations are continuously job shedding and the spotlight is on the SME sector to create entrepreneurs who will contribute towards economic growth and reducing unemployment and poverty. We are excellently positioned to contribute valuable services to SME’s.

To what do you attribute your success?

Perseverance is key – you are bound to stumble, hit brick walls, feel like quitting but if you continue you will get the prize. It is just like mining – miners dig deep into the earth through rock, sand and debris but ultimately find the prized gold, silver and other valuable minerals.

What failure taught you the most about your business and what was the lesson?

As the saying goes “failure is a stepping stone to success”. There are many hurdles one faces in a competitive economy, but you need to believe in yourself to be successful. You will need tremendous amounts of patience and perseverance. Take the cheetah for example – although being the fastest land animal it is only successful in less than 50% of hunts. What does the cheetah do? Start eating grass and shrubs and becomes a herbivore? No, it continues to hunt prey knowing full well and believing itself to land a good meal. Similar is the case in business – failure is part of the journey to success and teaches us great lessons in life.

What was your best moment in business to date?

Signing up my first clients. After some months of marketing, advertising and networking tirelessly, I finally manage to sign up a few clients to place myself and my clients on the road to success.


What drives you to keep going when it gets tough?

I always believe in myself that I can do it. A storm does not last forever. Life is full of ups and downs and nothing is static. Conditions continue to change around us. Tough conditions are just fleeting moments. When in tough times I get ready for the opportunities that will arise in the good times.


What are your success habits?

I always maintain a positive outlook no matter how hard conditions can be. Many people just continue to whine and complain over anything and everything. Success normally does not just come instantly, it comes to those who are prepared and patient.